My Bad Habits…

This post is my entry into the Bad Habits blog competition.


Today iam going the whole world what are my Bad habits.All thanks to @abobatoo.I have only two bad habits.:

1.I surf internet too much and

2.I like to eat a lot of junk food.

So talking about surfing internet too much..As soon as get up in the morning ,first thing i do is look at the phone to check instagram, facebook and emails.Then i complete my morning routine but before eating breakfast i again like watch videos on youtube and this continues and some days i forget to eat breakfast.Then again i watch videos, facebook and instagram throughout the day till dinner and I am so addicted to internet that i don’t like to talk with my family.I think technology has made us like this .We are so addicted to internet that we try to find happiness through it.I think this is one of bad habit which i am addicted a lot as i know it affects my health,but i unable to avoid it.But i think i can overcome this by doing some craft works like i used to do before i was internet.I was very good at making DIY projects but now left all those because i started using internet,I think i will go back to it and improve my skills over it,at-least my health will not be affected.I think i should make a list of things i need to do in the morning so that i can avoid a lot of time using internet.

Secondly talking eating junk food,I have bad habit of not eating the actual food and eating crisps,pizzas,burgers.It is strange that i find junk and street food more tastier than the actual healthy food.I like to eat crisps everyday and sometimes i skip my food for pizza.I also like to drink soft drinks which i know is not good but i don’t know why i can’t stop myself.This is my biggest problem.I really like to overcome it .From now onwards i will make food myself at home which i used to like .I try to avoid soft drinks by drinking fruit juices .And regarding the crisps and pizza ,i try to eat once in a month ,i think thats ok to eat .

So these are my Bad habits.Hope you all overcome  yours bad habit..




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